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The Zombie is a front line unit for the monster army. Zombies have an extremely high health value for the gems spent on one, making them a solid option for dealing with an attacking enemy, or sending them preemptively to absorb damage for your army in an assault.


Zombies are slow, but powerful. They have extremely high health and defense, especially considering their cost. When in melee range, they will scratch the enemy. Because of their slower speed and attack speed, they are not as effective for offense as deadknights, but they make great shields for weaker units. Being the tanks they are, it'd be a good idea to send them as a pre-attack, then slowly send out the rest of your army, which are faster than zombies.


In tier 1, their special is called the "Acid Spit". When the special is performed, the zombie spits an acid bomb, 0.4s after the animation began, exploding on contact with a surface or enemy. This special has a projectile range of 190, an accuracy deviation of 7, and has a blast radius of 150 without any damage falloff. The damage dealt from this bomb scales off special, has a recovery animation of 0.8s, poisons any enemies hit for 5dps for 5s, and AI-controlled zombies will only target enemies with this ability within a range of 175. (20 Souls)

In tier 2, their Acid Spit special has been upgraded to poison for 7 dps over 5s. (25 Souls)

In tier 3, their special is called the "Poison Breath". While breathing poison, the zombie will damage all enemies in front of it within a range of 175, 0.53s after the special is first cast. This special scales off critical and special, has a total recovery animation of 0.8s, and poisons enemies for 7 dps over 5s. (30 Souls)

In tier 4, their "Poison Breath" special has been upgraded to have a range of 250. (30 Souls)

Stats and Costs

Stats per tier
T1 min. T2 min. T3 min. T4 min. T4 max.
Critical 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%
Special 100 150 200 250 300
Defense 1 11 21 31 41
GC HP 150 250 350 450 550
HP 150 300 450 600 750
Attack 30 50 70 90 110
Stats added per gem upgrade
GameClub Original
Defense 2 1
Special 10 5
HP 20 15
Critical 1% 0.5%
Attack 4 2

Soulstone cost to advance to listed tier
Tier Soulstone Cost
Tier 2 2Soulstone
Tier 3 3Soulstones
Tier 4 4Soulstones


  • The zombie leader, Zac, is enriched with a large vocabulary. Other zombies just moan like braindead idiots.
  • They are the slowest unit in the game.
  • In Legendary Wars, they originally had a special where they bite to damage a single opponent in close range, poisoning them. Mummies still use a special similar to this.
  • In the Monster Wars (GameClub Version), their defense originally was bugged to upgrade by 1 per point, instead of 2 per point like the equivalent amount in the original release, but with a patch, it was fixed. However, their health per upgrade is still less than in the original, with 20 per upgrade instead of 30 per two upgrades of the original.

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