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Type Melee unit
Class Defensive unit
Opposite hero Dwarf
Character name Zombie
Character tier 1
Cost 20
Recharge 17 seconds
Tier 1 Zombie
Tier 2 Mutated zombie
Tier 3 Abominated zombie

Zombies have an extremely high attack when they are at tier 4, so it's a good idea to send one out to kill a tough enemy. Attack Speed ~1.05s


Zombies are slow, but powerful. They have extremely high health and defense, especially considering their cost. Because of their slow attack speed, they are not as effective for offense as DeadKnights, but they make great shields for weaker units. Being the tanks they are, it'd be a good idea to send them as a pre-attack, then slowly send out the rest of your faster units like Vamps and Deadknights.


Tier 1's special is spitting a poison ball at the enemy which poisons them for a small amount of health over time (4-5), which has a little more than medium range and can affect multiple enemies at once.

The Tier 3 converts the spitting to a breating mist of powerful poisonous gas that has mid range and poisons the enemy while damaging them over time for 7-8 damage.

The Tier 4 special is the same thing as tier 3's special except that the mist is long range and has improved damage.


  • The zombie leader, Zac, riched with a large vocabulary. Other zombies just moan like braindead idiots.
  • Zombies are an alternative to the dead knight, but with higher health and lower damage. It is advisible to use zombies, as it can shrug off most attacks that would likely kill most units in 1 vs 1 combat.
  • They are the slowest unit in the game.


  • A tier 1 zombie
  • A tier 2 zombie
  • A tier 3 zombie
  • A tier 4 zombie

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