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A tier 1 Wizard
Opposite units Lich, Reap
Basis Heavy damage at long distance
First boss Light Sage (Tier 3, Level 4-10)
Second boss Sky Sage (Tier 5, Level 6-9)
Mono wizard

Wizards are long range enemies.

You will encounter the wizard for the first time when you enter the swamp. Their attack is crazy so be careful. If your monsters are spread out, any monster that is not far range or has terrible health is dead meat. Try to kill a wizard with a tier 3 Skully Archer special before the wizard can attack. Remeber, even if the wizard does mangage to attack your skully archer, the skully archer is invincible while it is doing the special. You can also try just pressing the forward button and the monsters will come in groups and kill the wizard really fast.

You will also fight a Tier 3 Wizard (Light Wizard) in the Toxic Swamp and a Tier 5 wizard (Sky sage) in Skyhaven.

You could be in trouble if you're troops are all in one group and there is a light sage attacking your troops. Also, the tier 2 wizard can freeze your monsters which is really annoying. Send gargoyle, troll, or a reap to tank these status. Be careful of the the tier 4 wizard when it does its special. The wizard rarely uses its special though.



Tier 1 shoots a fire ball.

Tier 2 shoots an ice ball that freezes your units and therefore is incredibly annoying.

Tier 3 makes a lightning shoot onto your monsters.

Tier 4 triples himself and performs the tier 3 standard attack on all three lanes.

Tier 5 summons a giant blue beam that hits multiple rows and has massive damage and hit rate.



The owl from tier 1 wizard

  • A tier 1 wizard
  • A tier 2 wizard
  • A tier 3 wizard
  • A tier 4 wizard
  • A tier 5 wizard (Sky Sage)
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