MWIcon May 14, 2012
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Version 1.1.1 Version 1.2.2
M Wars

Version 1.2 includes:

  • 11 New AWESOME Tier 4 Monster Armors! Each with a more powerful special designed to destroy heroes!
  • Monster Arena! 12 New Soulstone Challenges and 2 new bosses! Unlocked after defeating level 3-6 Arena in campaign.
  • NEW LEVEL featuring the Unisis boss (Pegasus tier 5 Unicorn). Level 6-7 with a new Soulstone for each difficulty!
  • New Sky Angel boss in 6-2 and Arena.
  • New Hero Difficulty designed for Tier 4 Monsters includes 36 Soulstones.
  • New Fear status that causes heroes to get scared, miss and run away! (Deadknight Tier 4 special)
  • 11 New Tier 4 Achievements
  • 1 New Monster Arena Leaderboard


  • There are three more armors behind the tier 4 necromancer which shouldn't be there.
  • When a monster is in the freeze status he won't be able to get out even after the freeze animation is finished. Careful for tier 2 wizards and healers! Don't send your tier 3 spiders in level 4-1.
  • Level 3-8 action: Goregon will still be able to damage and destroy caves afther you win the game.
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