I have an fell notes for the monster/heroes page the need to be change:


Catapult shouldn't not be long-range units since they only do it when use an special attack. Passive units should be listed so: Passive: Grimlin miner, Catapult


There also should be an neutral section. Some units are neutral:

  • Passive: Catapult (Hero/Monster) - This page we could merge to 1 page don't you think? (infobox the color of neutral)
  • Melee: Tentacle, Snowbeast


Edite: Did an fix: Navbox neutral added under every navbox units and navbox monsters.


Edite 2:

I think whe should have an loot to the runescape nav system:

On all monsters/heroes/neutral pages this template:

Navbox Units Navbox Neutral Navbox Heroes

We can maybe make an option to collapse the other 2 Navboxes when where on the other page. For example:

  • If units category -> Collapse Neutral and Heroes
  • If Neutral category -> Collapse Units and Heroes
  • If Neutral and Monster -> Collapse Heroes
  • If Neutral, Monster and Hero -> No collapse

With some css changes whe could make it fit nicely there.

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