It's to come out with an structure staff plan for this wiki. I will try to explain my ideas here:


  • Liv Games (liv games is the maker of the game and so have any right to force decisions)





Because he's the founder he has equal rights than an adm.


The bureaucrats are the people that take the decisions. They all have 1 vote that they can give. Since there 3 bureaucrats now you need 2/3 of the votes to agrea an decision. If one of the bureaucrat is not active for an long time an admin can give an vote to activate the decison. Bureaucrats can activate an decision even if this is not voted yet if this decision can't get explaned easy. He's forced to role it back if the other members of the board don't like it.


This is an contributor with the admin rights. He get this rights so he's able to do other function like forum and security. He may not activate decision without green light from another bureaucrat or bureaucrats. If he abuse this power his function will get removed.

Decision rules


The background may only be changed after an poll. The background may be changed from 10 days after every change, unless there is an decision from the bureaucrats.

Lock pages

  • Templates: Most imported templates get locked, if an contributor get green light from an bureaucrat it's allowed to open this template for an limited time
  • Special topic in the forum, if there is an comment topic for it.
  • Rule page
  • Vote pages (after extension is installed)
  • Normal pages: Only with decision from bureaucrats.

What do you think? Comments?

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