I made an first béta theme. Any suggestions to improve it?


  • Tried an new icon since there are limitations of 150kb. Make it almost impossible for an full screen picture. I tried it now will an small rendered monster wars icon like with the legendary wiki. I will try to continue the lay-out tomorrow.

Navigation Bar

I updated it here first. Let me explane why I used only 1 section:

  • We only have 4 sections. The first section can't be deleted without an css edite. Since that is useless work think this is the best option.
  • Contents:
    • Navigation: Contains all monster wars info. The category isn't finished yet so this section probaly get some updates later on.
    • Wiki Content: One of wikias basic sections. However I tweak it an bit. Now there is also an subsection for the special pages that everyone have problems with to find them. This would also make it more usefull for non adms to find out what pages need to be deleted or changed on an certain level. If you think there should be more or other links inside this section please comment.
    • Community: Contains 2 sub sections: Monster Wars Wiki and Liv Games. This section probaly need some updates later on.

Comments? ;)

Other version

If you don't like this system I also have another system in mind. We can go up to 4 sections and 6 subsections. Those subsections can also go up to 7 links.

  1. Campaign
    1. #Sun Kingdom#
    2. #___#
    3. #___#
    4. #Toxic Swamp#
    5. #___#
    6. #___#
    7. #Other Modes#
  2.  :Category:Units|Units
    1. #Category:Units by class#
    2. #Category:Passive units#|Passive
    3. #Category:Melee units#|Melee
    4. #Category:Mid range units#|Mid range
    5. #Category:Long range units#|Long range
    6. #Category:Summoned units#|Summoned
  3. Heroes
    1. (Hero)
    2. (Hero)
    3. (Hero)
    4. (Hero)
    5. (Hero)
    6. (Hero)
  4. Management
    1. #Special Pages#
    2. #Recent Changed Pages#
    3. #Top Categories#
    4. Community
      1. Forum
      2. Recent Blogs
    5. External Links
      1. Facebook
      2. Twitter
      3. Homepage
      4. Legendary Wars Wiki
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