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A tier 1 Unicorn
Opposite units Wolf, Spider
First boss Spike (Tier 3, Level 3-x[not sure])
Second boss Pegasus (Tier 5, Level 6-7)

The Unicorn is referred to as "Uni" during most of the game. The unicorns name in Legendary Wars is "Spike". Unicorns are very annoying because of their group damage. In tier 4, the unicorn does 100-200 damage each time. In legendary mode, a single unicorn can easily kill your whole group of skullys in two hits. You should use long ranged units to get rid of a unicorn or send its counterpart, the wolf or the spider to deal with the unicorn.

The Unicorn is a mid range hero.

The Unicorn is very common in the game. You will most likely see all 4 tiers of it.


The opposite monster to the Unicorn are both the Spider and the Wolf.


The special for tiers 1, 2 and 3 is a simple charge which can deal between 100 and 350 damage. The special for tier 4 is a single ray of rainbow which can deal between 200 and 400 damage and induces a "love effect" which is where hearts dance around the surviving units which were hit by its ray and causes them to turn around and attack their own castle and all monsters that are in its way. The time of how long the monsters are in the "love effect" varies every time.


  • A tier 1 unicorn
  • A tier 2 unicorn
  • A tier 3 unicorn
  • A tier 4 unicorn
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