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|Tier 1=
|Tier 2=
|Tier 3=
|Tier 4=

The parameters are:

  • Image: an image, just the name (e.g. Skully.png)
  • ImageTier: tier of the Image. If it's tier 1, leave it
  • Description: if the image doesn't have a tier (like Goregon) write a text
  • Type: unit type, choose between: Passive, Melee, Long range, Mid range, Boss
  • Class: unit class, choose between: Passive, Defensive, Offensive
  • Basis: ?
  • Opposite: opposite hero
  • Summoned: yes or no. See {{Summoned unit}}.
    • Summoner1 and 2: summoners (only if it is a summoned unit)
  • Name: character name (e.g. Smokey)
  • Tier: character tier (e.g. 3)
  • Unlock: cost to unlock in the armory in soulstones (without soulstones written behind)
  • Cost: cost to summon in gems
  • Recharge: how much time does it take to recharge the unit?
  • Tier 1: Tier 1 name
  • Tier 2, 3, 4: same as Tier 1
  • HP: hitpoints
  • Att: attack
  • Def: defense
  • Speed: speed
  • spec: special

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