Soul meter


Keep souls.

Function of souls

Use special attacks.

How much souls you can keep


Soul Meter

Soul meter holds souls. You can hold up to 25 souls at the begining, but each upgrade adds 20 to max souls.It costs 250 gems at 1st to upgrade, but becomes 500 than 1,000 gems. After that each upgrade cost 1,000 gems more than the last.Last upgrade costs 4,000 gems, but you have 145 max souls.


Souls are needed for powerful special attacks. Souls are obtained by slaying heroes. Each hero has different amount of souls you get. For example, you gain 5 Souls for killing a Fairy, Knighty, and Miney 10 for a Elfy,15 for a Unicorn, Dwarfy, Faun, and Healer, 20 for a Golem,25 for a Wizard, and 50 for a Phoenix.

You can also upgrade initial souls which upgrades are 200 gems, 400 gems, 800 gems, 1,600 gems, and each upgrade then costs 1,000 more than the last. The last upgrade is 3,600 gems, but then start with 120 souls.

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