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Type Mid range unit
Class Defensive unit
Opposite hero Wizard
Character name Grimm
Character tier 3
Cost 150
Recharge 75 seconds
Tier 1 Basic reap
Tier 2 Death reap
Tier 3 Grimm reap
Tier 4 Nether reap


The Reaper is a defensive type unit that has a slightly lesser range than a lich or an archer but makes up for it with his tankiness and possibility to 1 hit KO the enemy when he reaches tier 3. His regular attack remains the same throughout all stages as in he just shoots a projectile in all his tiers. Don't be turned off by his low damage as he has a high crit rate and his projectiles hit twice.

The reap is designed to enounter defensive units, with his high dual hits and crititcal rate there very effective to deal damage. Reaps are in that way really strong against Dwarf, Golem and an requal counterpart against Wizard. This is probably the best unit to send out against light wizards.

Special: The reaps special is not to be underestimated. Although his special may look plain, it's really effective against groups due to another factor: his high crit rate.

Tier 1, His special is to shoot a lazer similiar to the light wizard's and tier 3 lich's regular attack. The laser's green.

In Tier 2, It seem to remain the same.

But in tier 3, leaves a vortex at the end of his reap ray. This vortex will suck any enemy unit to oblivion and can essentially 1 hit KO them. However; bosses, and golems are immune to being dragged into it. The vortex is purple and looks like the vortex you see when you do the monster upgrade.

In Tier 4, the Reap creates two vortexes.


  • A tier 1 Reap
  • A tier 2 Reap
  • A tier 3 Reap
  • A tier 4 Reap

A Tier 3 Reap

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