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A tier 2 Necromancer
Type Mid range unit
Class Offensive unit
Opposite hero Healer
Character name Volde
Character tier 2
Unlock 1 Soulstone
Cost 100
Recharge 55 seconds
Tier 1 Little spidey necromancer
Tier 2 Mummy necromancer
Tier 3 Grave necromancer
Tier 4 Nether necromancer

The necromancer is the healer for the monsters. Unlike the healer though, she can summon actual useful minions like the mummy or the goblin. However her special will only heal one lane instead of all 3 like the healer until she gets to tier 4. Later on she is very useful since you need to keep your units' hp up and running. The necro has little attack and low hp, so make sure to have monsters guarding her. When the healer dies, it fades with a color of yellow or blue. When the necro dies, it fades with a color of dark purple.



Her special heals one lane at a time per usage. While healing, she will also summon creatures from the netherworld: At tier 4 her special will heal all 3 lanes.


  • A tier 1 Necromancer
  • A tier 2 Necromancer
  • A tier 3 Necromancer
  • A tier 4 Necromancer
  • A mummy, summoned by the Tier 2 Necromancer
  • A necromancer zombie, summoned by the Tier 3 Necromancer
  • A Goblin, summoned by the tier 4 Necromancer
  • A necromancer zombie, summoned by the Tier 3 Necromancer

A Tier 2 Necromancer


A Tier 3 Necromancer and a Necromancer Zombie

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