July 2012 poll - Favourite zone?

The winner is... Skyhaven with 28 votes!!!
The second is... Magma Mountain with 5 votes!!

Other votes: The Sun Kingdom, Frostburn, The Desert Oasis and The Toxic Swamp (1 vote)

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June 2012 poll - Most feared regular enemy

The winner is... Dwarf with 38 votes!!!
The second is... Wizard with 25 votes!!
The third is... Golem with 5 votes!
Other votes: Elf and Unicorn (4 votes), Fairy (3 votes), Medusa (1 vote)
No votes: Knight, Imp, Mummy, Healer

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May 2012 poll - Favourite Liv Games game

The winner is... Monster Wars with 30 votes!!!
The second is... Legendary Wars with 17 votes!!

No votes: Zen Wars

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April 2012 poll - Favourite character

The winner is... Lord Magma with 11 votes!!!
The second is... Grimm the reap with 7 votes!!
The third is... Goontar the imp with 5 votes!
Other votes: The Snake Queen (4 votes), Goby, Coco and Lich (3 votes), Funny Bones and Dead Knight (2 votes), Lord Vamp, Smokey, Goregon, Dragon and Grimly (1 vote)
No votes: Bone Head, Axey, Volde

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March 2012 poll - Favourite monster

The winner is... the Lich with 30 votes!!!
The second is... the Vamp with 8 votes!!
The third is... the Troll with 5 votes!
Other votes: Dead Knight (4 votes); Skully, Skully Archer, Imp and Reap (2 votes); Wolfy and Necromancer (1 vote)
No votes: Zombie, Gargoyle, Medusa, Dragon

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