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Creating a page

You can also help us making this wiki even bigger. If something doesn't exist, will it be units, monsters or anything, don't be shy and make a new article by typing a title in the box below! Please have a fast look to the list of all pages, before you create your new page.

If you have any questions contact an admin on his/her talk page or on the chat.

Upload content

You can upload videos and pictures by visiting the Upload page. Another useful tool is the NewFiles page. Here's a slideshow from the recent uploaded pictures:

Things to be done

You can also help by expanding/correcting some of the articles. It's always useful to check the Wiki Activity (or RecentChanges for more advanced users). You can find all these tools by navigating in the Management tab in the Navigation bar. Here's a small list of other useful categories:


Purpose Template names
Enemies Infobox {{Hero}}
{{Navbox heroes}}
Units Infobox {{Unit}}
{{Navbox units}}
Campaign levels Infobox {{Campaign}}
Other template information here or here

The Forum

Please visit the Forum to meet other contributors. In the forum you can ask questions, report bugs, post fan art or give suggestions.



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Wiki Coding Guide

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