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Little spidey
Little Spider
Opposite hero Fairy
Summoners NecromancerSpider Queen

The Little Spidey is one of the four pets that can be summoned. It is just like a large spidey but tinier and blue. It is the weakest out of the six pets. It can be summoned by the Tier 1 Necromancer and by the Spider Queen. It will work as a shield for your units.



Starting stats
Little spidey
Defense 1
Speed 60
Critical chance 5%
Hit points 150
Special 50
Attack 25
Soul reward 15


The cost for a Necromancer to summon a little spidey is 25 souls. There is a maximum of two little spideys per Necromancer. The Spider Queen Has to use 40 souls to summon on1, but can have a max of 3.


  • The power of the little spidey would be between the knight and the archer. The theoretic price is between the 10+ and 20 gems.
  • His real name is "Spidey baby" or "Baby spider"
  • Strangly when you looking into the gamefiles the baby spider load his special. So in fact if they even want to the baby spidey can in fact use his special.