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Type Long range unit
Class Offensive unit
Opposite hero Wizard
Character name Lich
Character tier 1
Unlock 3 Soulstone
Cost 175
Recharge 100 seconds
Tier 1 Basic lich
Tier 2 Ghost lich
Tier 3 Nether lich
Tier 4 Nether ghost


The Lich's powerful long-ranged magic makes it ideal for defending the castle while you build up your army. At tier 3, his regular attack is changed to a red beam which hits all enemies which are in it, similiar to the reap ray and the light wizard's regular attack. With this attack, the lich gets very effective also against groups. The result of this is that the lich becomes very useful in killing groups of enemies and is highly reccomended to invest in. The range increases in tier. In tier 3 it reaches the range of an elf.It is good to protect them as they are fragile vs golems and strong units despite the high HP. It costs 3 soulstones to unlock the lich.


In Tier 1, the Lich fires a blast of magic that is more powerful than usual. If it kills an enemy, the enemy transforms into a ghost which fights alongside the Lich.

In Tier 2, the Lich gains half of the health that the enemy loses, and can summon up to two ghosts at once.

In Tier 3, the Lich gains all the health that the enemy loses, and can summon up to three ghosts at once. Now he will automatic summon 1 ghost when he use his special (he will not summon an ghost when there is already 1 on the field created by him) and 1 ghost when the special kills the target.

In Tier 4, the Lich performs the tier 3 special, but summons Nether Ghosts instead.


  • The lich swings his staff with one arm, while the wizard must use two hands in tiers 3 and 4. This must mean that the large beam attack for tier 3 and 4 wizards weigh down the staff, while that states one of two things for the tier 3 lich:
    1. He has more physical strength than wizards.
    2. His staff doesn't get weighed down by more magic.
  • In Lich/Wizard defence mode, the lich at tier 3 still shoots his long beam, while all wizard tiers only shoot small bursts.That makes arcade mode easier.
  • His tier 3 is very good for action. You have multiple kill action plus summoning ghosts and healing, as well as very high damage. Reap is another sufficient option, but most players state the lich is better.


Lich Tier 2

A Tier 2 Lich

  • A tier 1 lich
  • A tier 2 lich
  • A tier 3 lich
  • A tier 4 lich
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