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A tier 1 Knight
Opposite units Dead Knight, Skully
First boss High General (Tier 3, Level 1-10)
Second boss Knight pillar (Tier 5, Level 6-4)
Hitpoints 80
Attack 15
Defence 1
Speed 25
Special 100
The knight is a basic infantry hero.


These infantries are the average pain in the butt for your army. Having vamps or skully archers will solve this problem just fine, if they have enough attack power. Take them out from a distance or hit them with a group of units. Its specialty is 1 on 1 combat, so be careful if you plan on sending one unit to take care of it.


Starting stats
Tier 1 Boss 1 (High General)
Defense 1
Speed 25 35
Critical chance 0% 10%
Hit points 80 1000
Special 100 40
Attack 15 30
Soul reward 5 50


The tier 1, 2 and 3 knights jump in the air, spin themself, and land while slicing the unit in front of them with their sword. Nevertheless, they usually miss. But if they don't, they're pretty much dead.

The tier 4 knight changes the special. He sends out a white ray in the sky. While doing this he is unwoundable. Then he gains a lot of speed, hitting your units with 5-6 hits per second, doing massive damage. If he's at your castle with this special on, he'll probably destroy it. This speacial will last about 5-6 seconds.

The tier 5 knight's special isn't used often. However, it's almost the same as the tier 4 one, but heals the knight at 25 HP per second[not sure]


  • Supposedly, dead knights were knights when they were alive. Being dead, they must have either joined or been brainwashed by Lord magma.
  • Careful, knights can take out his Skully counterpart in an second in 1 vs 1 combat. Lucky for you his second counterpart the Dead Knight can take him out in no time.


  • A tier 1 knight
  • A tier 2 knight
  • Lucas (tier 2)
  • A tier 3 knight (High general)
  • A tier 4 knight
  • A tier 5 knight (Knight pillar)
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