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Type Melee unit
Class Offensive unit
Opposite hero Dwarf
Character name Goontar
Character tier 3
Unlock 1 Soulstone
Cost 25
Recharge 15 seconds
Tier 1 Basic imp
Tier 2 Bomb imp
Tier 3 Dynamite imp

The Imp is a strong, versatile fighter even at first tier. At higher tiers, it can easily destory a tier 4 unicorn. Its counterpart is the dwarf. Not much can be noted about the impy, except for its kamikaze death at tier 2 and 3. Upon death, it explodes and sets all nearby enemies on fire. The explosion kind of looks like the troll or tier 3 gargoyle special. You can also see that the imp's horn develops at tier 2 and then at tier 3 it appears to be chopped off. You can also see the imps beard growing during tiers.


The imp's special is a near-exact replica of the dwarves' bombs:

In tier 1 it trows an bomb similar to the tier 1 dwarf. However it look like his throwing skill is less effective than the dwarf. When the dwarf trows an bomb he still aims to the enemy when the imp just throw an lucky shot. We call it "Lucky Bomb"

The tier 2 bomb, however, flies forward instead of arcing, and was appropriately named the "Fastball".

In tier 3 he will trow 3 bombs similar to the tier 4 dwarf however it looks like his first bomb is an fastball from his tier 2 special. We call it "Lucky Bombs"

Tier 4 special is the same thing as tier 3. But it's possible that the range is increased.[not sure]


  • The Imps used to scale with your upgrades which made them impossible to defeat in 2-8 but as of Monster Wars version 1.1.1 this has been fixed.
  • The imp special has been changed regularly:
    • In legendary wars, their tier 1 special is still similar to tier 4 and 5 knights: They turn red and goes bersker add high speed and attack to there target.
    • There might be a problem with the coding or programming, as the imp tier 3 has an overpowered special. Maybe the coding for the tier 4 imp was accidentally copied and put into the tier 3's special as well, making no difference.
    • The fastball ability of the imp is extremely good for when he is farther away from the opponent then goes to melee combat.
    • The Imp and the Faun and the tier 4 gargoyle are the only units that have horns


  • A tier 1 Imp
  • A tier 2 Imp
  • A tier 3 Imp
  • A tier 4 Imp
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