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A tier 1 Healer
Basis Upkeep of units
First boss Sky Angel (Tier 5, Level 6-2)

The Healer is a quite weak enemy, but she can become stronger when you enter Skyhaven. She has weak attack and limited defense and can be defeated by almost any unit. Although her special in Legendary wars is to heal other units or summon a fairy pet, in Monster Wars Fairys always appear alone. Only in 6-10 and in the Arena the healers perform the healing special, without summoning a fairy pet.[not sure] She is encountered in the Magma Mountain level 5-8, "Find the Angel", as a tier three healer and reappears again in the skyhaven level 6-2, "Sky Angel", in the fifth tier. The opposite class monster is the Necromancer. She rarely heals heroes.


  • A tier 1 healer
  • A tier 2 healer
  • A tier 3 healer
  • A tier 4 healer (Fairy Goddess)
  • A tier 5 healer (Skyhaven Healer)