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A tier 1 Golem
Opposite units Gargoyle, Troll
First boss Golem King (Tier 3, Level 3-10)
Second boss Cyclops (Tier unknown, Level 6-8)

The golem is the tanking force of the legendarians, reigning from the desert regions. A wise sage had created them as company after he fled to live there. They are quite a threat to some of your weaker units, like the skully archers, as they are capable of taking hits, and withstanding fire and poison damage. A troll or gargoyle could be a good option to take these out, or a lich's special, if it has enough attack. Be sure to take golems out before they get too close to your castle, as their smash and roll special is very deadly, covering a long distance and doing massive damage while massacring all of your units. Be very careful if you find a wizard behind a golem, they will prove very deadly too. At all cost try to use specials on golems as they are really strong with their special. It is recommended to kill golems before they get too close by using the skully archer's tier 3 and 4 special.



Starting stats
Tier 1
Defense 1
Speed 25
Critical chance 5%
Hit points 300
Special 120
Attack 30
Soul reward 20


Tiers 1-3 have a rolling special attack that rolls across 1 lane, doing heavy damage and stunning some units.

The tier 4 metal golem does a ground pound earthquake that hits all lanes around him for high damage and a chance to stun.

The tier 5 golem will keep the "Ground Pound" special from Tier 4, and his new shield will give him even more defense than he had before!


The Cyclops is the golem guardian from Skyhaven. It is half human and half monster. Unlike other golems, its attack rate is very, very high. He smashes its fists down at an incredible rate. Its laser special is very dangerous and has very long range, as well as it has a chance shrink your units. He only appears in levels 6-8, 6-10 and sometimes in level 6-11. Just like golems he's immune for statusses.

Atk (range) Hp (def) Spec (range) Crt Movement Speed (agility)
Normal 100 (50) 4000 (20) 200 (240) 5% 40 (-)


Tier 5 golem
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