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I decided to make the wiki coding guide public for editing, since i don't have time to do everything myself. I currently don't have an lot, just make sure there information is clear enouge for the public so we don't get an similar effect when you go to wikia help:

Note: My main languages is not english so sorry for any mistakes

Today I go to try to learn you some wiki coding. I mention it's really hard for some player to understand it when it's in fact really easy when you known the code. There's in fact some difference between wikicode and html. Wiki code are codes that are an great support when it comes to visual. This codes almost never fails when you switch between source and visual and is recommanded for all wiki players to known about them. When html is an support for source only give it the options that are for wiki coding are almost impossible. The problem with html is that I can bug when you switch between source and visual. That's why html is only recommand for small adds and templates. Some html codes in fact just have the same function as that from an wiki code:

Name Wiki code HTML Result
Italic ''tekst'' <i>tekst</i> Tekst
Bold '''tekst''' <b>tekst</b> Tekst

The most fun part on wiki is that your able to mix this two options!! Wiki code doesn't really support combo codes like this ('''''Example''''' = Example) in complex codes this the first thing that will get bugged.

Note: To cross and underline tekst there's only an HTML code for now.
Name HTML Result
Crossout <s>tekst</s> Tekst
Underline <u>tekst</u> tekst

Now you known the basic let's start:




Coming soon...


Note: <font> doesn't work with (some) symbole codes.

Coming soon...



Magic words

Other HTML codes that work on the wiki


Feel free to ask question or try some codes here ;) Note: Some codes won't work on chat bars or will have an different effect don't forget that ;)



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