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The Monsterwars Wiki team has developed a new Navbox for units, heroes and neutral monsters, which is based on icons and pictures. The unit icons can be customized to show the tiers the user has.

How to customize the navbox

1. If you aren't already, sign up by clicking the button in the top right corner of this page.
2. Edit your user page (click here).
3. Click on the "Source code" tab
4. Write the following code:

{{My upgrades
|skully= (your skully tier)
|deadknight= (your dead knight tier)
|archer= (and so on)

The tier must be written in a number (e.g. 1, 3, etc.). Here is an example:

{{My upgrades
|imp=0 (means you haven't bought it)

5. Now, Save the page.
6. Empty your cache: Here you can read how to do it in your browser.
7. Congratulations, your navbox should be set up!


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