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A tier 1 Faun

The Faun is half human half animal. His attack ability comes from his harp. You will usually find him in challenges and sometimes in campaign. He also appears in the tutorial as the first "wreched abomination" you see. Opposite unit isn't confirmed, but based on their music note attack, it seems to be the vamp. It uses a special that shoots lots of notes. He has a melee and a far range. Note: That recently update change the faun music notes attack to an similar attack like the heal. What gives him in fact not my thing to compaire with an vamp.

The fauns are medium ranged defensive heroes that use harps and music to take down monsters. These mystical creatures can cure ally ailments, and even cause monsters confusion, dizziness and sleepiness.


His attack is playing his harp and sending musical magic to the enemy.



His special is a musical note attack, which is able to stun the enemy.


  • Based on his abilities, the faun would be an cleric hero.


  • A tier 1 faun
  • A tier 2 faun
  • A tier 3 faun
  • A tier 4 faun
  • A tier 5 faun
Faun 1-1

A Faun in 1-1(First Apperance)

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