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Opposite unit Skully archer
First boss Strider (Tier 3, Level 2-5)
Second boss Elf pillar (Tier 5, Level 6-5)
Hitpoints 60
Attack 8
Defence 5
Speed 25
Special 80
Mono elfy

Elves are the first ranged units you encounter.
They have the longest range of all units (heroes and monsters), which makes them pretty irritating. Added this with its high rate of fire at tier 3 and higher, this could become a problem if you don't have vamps or skully archers yourself. As you progress through campaign on hard, it is not unusual for a couple of elfs to kill some of your stronger monsters (such as a reap or a lich). Also, a dwarf and a elf are a strong combo. The dwarf can use its bomb special and be in the front killing all your monsters acting as a shield while the elf starts taking down your monsters. When you see an elf, don't have your monsters spread out. Get them into a group and kill the elf.



Starting stats
Tier 1 Boss 1 (Strider)
Defense 5
Speed 25 30
Critical chance 1% 10%
Hit points 60 1000
Special 80 125
Attack 8 25
Soul reward 10 20


For the tier 1 and 2 special the elf pulls out two knifes and slices the air around it.

For the tier 3 special the elf pulls out his two knifes and cuts the air, which is only reliable at melee range, the same way at the tier 1 and 2 special, except that it produces a yellow wave very similar to the reap's red wave. The elf's wave does similar damage but travels further.

In the tier 4 special the elf charges at a extremely fast speed. It has its two knifes in its hand. is is almost the exact same as the unicorn special (teir 1, 2 and 3) except that it travels at a faster speed and so goes a lot further.

In the tier 5 special the elf charges the exact same way as the tier 4 special except that it returns to its starting point at the same speed, doing damage both ways. It does almost triple the damage as the tier 4 special and can easily kill a gargoyle or a reap. This can be deadly if your monsters are in groups.


  • Elfys seldom use specials
  • It takes 12 tier one elfs to kill a tier one wolfy in a single shooting (all shooting at once)


  • A tier 1 Elf
  • A tier 2 Elf
  • A tier 3 Elf
  • A tier 4 Elf
  • A tier 5 Elf (Elf Pillar)
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