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A tier 1 Dwarf
First boss Desmond (Tier 3, Level 2-10)
Second boss Dwarf pillar (Tier 5, Level 6-6)


The Dwarf is the strong and is very aggressive Enemy if encountered. He will slowly attack his target with slow attacks, but the attacks cause a large amount of damage to the target. He can be defeated easily with some long range units. Its strength is in its bomb special, which can be devasting for groups. If the dwarf has enough attack for its special it could take out your whole army if your not careful. The bombs also set monsters on fire. That's why you send a single unit to kill a dwarf, such as a zombie, or anything else that has high health but isn't that expensive.


On tier 1 and 2 dwarves use there powerful "Bomb" special that can cause a great amount of damage. The dwarf will throw a bomb to an incoming enemy. The impact can cause damage to multiple enemies in the area of that line, making it a powerful attack to damage incoming groups to their death.

In tier 3, a dwarfy throws 2 bombs, also known as "Double Bomb". At a great distance the 2nd bomb will impact 1-3 second after the first one which can make it even more powerful against groups. When at close distance they just blow directly if it takes all bombs to kill him.

On tier 4 the dwarf will now throw 3 bombs, also known as "Triple Bomb". This makes it even more effective against groups and deathly even against the most powerfull units. This special often get used to take the enemy castle down.

On tier 5, the dwarfy will throw a giant bomb that splits into small bombs, giving the special a bigger range, and can destroy a castle, or severely damage it. We call it for now the "Cluster Bomb".


  • A tier 1 dwarf
  • A tier 2 dwarf
  • A tier 3 dwarf (Desmond)
  • A tier 4 dwarf
  • A tier 5 dwarf (Dwarf pillar)
Desmond the Dwarf

Desmond the Dwarf(Tier 3) in 3-10

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