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Sun Dragon
Type Melee unit
Class Offensive unit
Opposite hero Phoenix
Character name Dragon
Lord Magma
Character tier 1
unknown (5?)
Cost 200
Recharge 180 seconds
Tier 1 Green dragon
Tier 2 Horned dragon
Tier 3 Bone dragon
Tier 4 Crystal dragon
Mono dragon

The Dragon is an extremely strong and fast unit that flies. Its flying has no effect on melee units' ability to hit them, but it makes them immune to stage effects (i.e. swamp poison, fire, water/quicksand). It has a high HP count, but can easily be killed by groups due to its low defense. Keeping ranged units in the back and gargoyles or trolls in front of the Dragon leads to an extremely effective combat group. The Ice Guardian from Legendary Wars is not included in the tiers, for unknown reasons. While tier 1 and 2 dragons will die quickely, tier 3 and 4 are very effective against groups. In level 3-7 a tir 4 dragon can kill a dozen unis standing near the end with just his special and take away half the bosses health. Summon dragons right before your attack as they cover alot of space


It's basic attack is a mid-range tail whip. The range actually reaches pretty far out of its hitbox (where it takes damage) so it becomes quite useful against knights and golems.


The tier 1 special is a fireball that does high damage and sets enemies in the range ablaze.

The tier 2 special is to spew a mist of mud that does high damage and occasionally blocks your foes.

The tier 3 special is very much like Lord Magma's special but doesn't heal. See below for details.

The tier 4 special gets the dragonsurrounded in green stuff that deals a lot of damage.

Lord Magma


The Nether-vortex

Lord Magma shoots fireballs similar to the tier 1 special. His special is the Nether-Vortex, a beam that heals him and disables moving, normally creating a large gap for attacks. Lord Magma, much like the dragons, can be in trouble if faced with many units at a time. Be sure to hold off units until you've built a solid army around him. Lord Magma is extremely powerful and can easily kill a golem. Its fireballs damage is 100 - 200 per fireball and he rapidly shoots them.


  • A tier 1 Dragon
  • A tier 2 Dragon
  • A tier 3 Dragon
  • A tier 4 Dragon
  • Lord Magma (tier 5?)
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