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Dead Knight
Type Melee unit
Class Defensive unit
Opposite hero Knight
Character name Dead knight
Character tier 1
Unlock 1 Soulstone
Cost 15
Recharge 10 Seconds
Tier 1 Dead knight
Tier 2 Dark knight
Tier 3 Demon knight
Tier 4 Nether Knight


The dead knight will constantly attack the enemies with two swords. Since it attacks twice instead of once, it is extremely powerful for its price. It is also quite slow, given all the equipment it has to carry. Having a vampy would boost both their lastability very much, as they are an effecitve combo. The attack does around the same as knighty when each swords hit. He's not as fast as his skully counterpart, but worth the extra 5 gems. Also, it costs one soul stone to summon him.


Tier 1 and 2 specials are very similiar: the dead knight does a jumping slash, causing high damage. The tier 2 special doesn't seem too different, but by observing carefully, you can see that it will begin its attack faster than tier 1. It will start to attack faster, even before the enemy can turn around.

In tier 3 the dead knight will launch a far range firespread that causes very high damage. It's very good against groups.

Tier 4 is the same as tier 3 but the firespread is green and there is a chance to inflict fear, a status that makes the enemy run backwards for a period of time. They enemy doesn't attack other enemies though when having fear.


  • Deadknight claims before the battle with the Cyclops in skyhaven that he was once a human. It is implied that he is Asher, the young warrior who embodied Enix's spirit. All that was left after the battle between the two titans was a souless deadknight, presumably him.

Tier 1 Stats

Tier 4 Stats

Dead knight level 4


  • A tier 1 Dead knight
  • A tier 2 Dead knight
  • A tier 3 Dead knight
  • A tier 4 Dead knight
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