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Please use {{Unit}} for units.

Summon Troops

Drag the red lane selection arrow to choose which lane units will emerge from the castle. Always move it to the lane you want, before creating a unit. Tap on an unit icon to summon an Monster. The gem cost to recruit for each monster is respresented on the unit portrait.

When you start the game when you in possession of an castle the Skully Archer automatically get summoned on the castle.

Before you recruit your monsters always start with recruiting some Miners(goby). They cost no gems and are needed for mining gems for other units.


Units (monsters) can be classified in two ways. There are 3 classes (Passive, Defensive, Offensive) and 4 types (Passive, Melee, Mid-range and Long-range).

Classes of Monsters

There are 3 classes of monsters in this game:


These units are free and can not be used for combat. There only task is mining gems, so you are able to summon other troops. This category contains only the Gremlin miner


These units are able to upgrade defense instead of speed. They can resist attacks and special attacks more easy then other units. There cost are pretty low compared to the offensive units. This category contains: Skully, Deadknight, Zombie, Gargoyle, Troll, and Reap.


These units are able to upgrade speed instead of defense. There faster then other units and easy can outrun monsters what make them great for quick offence. Their cost are pretty high compared to the defensive units. This category contains: Vampy, Imp, Skully Archer, Necro, Wolfy, Spidey, Medusa, Lich, and Dragon.

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