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The Sky Sage
Area Skyhaven
Level type Boss fight
Control type Normal
Summoning type Normal
All units
Max 8 units
Tier 4 Wizard, Etc...
Tier 5 Wizard

Try to send out skullys or Imps as a pre-attack. Let the skullys/imps weaken the sky sage's army and then send the main offensive army. The wizard can't do group damage but has high damage. Just use the skully archer's tier 3 special a lot and you'll be fine.

An alternate strategy that this user used for Normal difficulty was to build an army comprised of loads of Deadknights (Tier 3 or 4) and 4-7 Reaps (Preferably fully upgraded). The Deadknights will serve as meatshields/damage dealers, while the Reaps will constantly attack. To get the Wizard's health down quickly, use the Deadknight's special repeatedly with the souls you gained while building your army. Be careful NOT to allow your Reaps to get ahead of the Deadknights-they will be killed nearly instantly. Continue to manufacture units during the assault, as you'll need them as soon as the Wizard kills your army (which he will, trust me). You'll want to keep a backup defense of Trolls, Liches, and Dragons near the center of the stage, because if he destroys that as well, then he will instantly start attacking your base if he's near it. This strategy requires a lot of patience. Please note that this user did not include the backup defense mentioned earlier when he beat this stage, but instead simply spammed the Wizard to death with the Deadknight's special.

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