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The Pillar of the Cyclops
Area Skyhaven
Level type Boss attack
Control type Normal
Summoning type Normal
All units
Max 8 units
Tier 3 Golems, Tier 3 Healers, Tier 4 Golems, Etc...

You have to fight a Cyclops, which is the Golem Pillar. The cyclops is has very high damage but luckily on hits one unit.


You'll need


  1. Try to focus your start on miners and buildup your defense. The cyclops comes really fast so it recommaned to have max miners and add leased 2/5 of the upgrades. Since you don't have an lot of time it's smart to spend most of your gems on cheap units. Build an line vamps to get started. On tier 2 they will take down most of the incomming units and there hp is high enouge to resist and bomb attack from the dwarfs.
  2. Vamps are not enouge to keep you from harm, so build for your next line some defensive units to defend your from incomming golems. I recommand to use and combination of Dead knights, Zombies or Gargoyles.
  3. Your defensive line will not be that effective against healers so it's recommanded to have an offensive line. Buildup skullys and if possible imps. Some people use spiders. They can have an use here but it's not recommanded since this level has an lot of dwarfs.
  4. Finaly build an troll if needed to support you against the cyclops. If you have enouge gargoyles summoned you don't have to use trolls.
  5. Now the cyclops comes, press the forward arrow and take controle of 1 skully. Try to time that the skully arrives just after your defensive army. Then you spam his special. If you time it right the cyclops will attack only the skully when he does his special. On this way no one of your units get an hit!! If your soul bar is 0 your probaly don't need an lot of effort anymore to take him down.

Also this stage is beatable with only T4 skullys. Build About 9 of them and then zend them forward. Keep sending skullys in. Once you have About 20 of 'em They can kill golems straight away and About 30 should be enough to kill the cyclops. This requires even less gems than the other strategy.

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