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Lord Magma Picture 1
Area Skyhaven
Level type Boss fight
Control type Normal
Summoning type Normal
All units + Lord Magma
Max 7 units
Tier 4 Knights, Elves, Dwarves and Healers, Tier 3 and 4 Wizards, Cyclopes
Tier 5 Phoenix (Phoenix Sun)

6-11 is the last level in Monster Wars campaign. This mission is relatively easy to beat because the sun phoenix is at the end ofthe lane and can not attack the player unless the player attacks it. The player will need high mining as well as tier 3 archers and vamps as their specials are powerful. The player will also need trolls to protect there archers. The player may want to buy the dragon but it is not recomended unless it is tier 3 or 4. The player will however need lichs as they can take down melee enemies quickly. When attacking use the skully archer special on the phoenix. Also, try to not use Lord Magma unless the phoenix destroys everything else, and do not send out the liches as they make a good team with Lord Magma. Do not use the troll to fight the phoenix instead use him to take down the phoenix's guards .


Lord Magma


Sun Phoenix

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